About GrainCorp Liquid Feeds


GrainCorp Liquid Feeds is a leading liquid supplementation solutions business for livestock production with well recognised brands such as “Molafos”, “Rumifeed”, and” Energro”. Each brand has its own unique history dating back, in some cases decades. Previously Champion Liquid Feeds, GrainCorp Liquid Feeds became a key part of GrainCorp’s offering to Australian growers in 2012. Access to GrainCorp’s people and resources has enabled GRAINCORP LIQUID FEEDS to expand its business and offering to customers.

GrainCorp Liquid Feeds not only provides a full suite of quality based molasses supplements, crude molasses, and vegetable oils we also provide valuable expertise to our customers. This expertise ensures they have the tools to make informed and commercial decisions on maximising the return on their livestock be it through increased growth, fertility, or general health and wellbeing.

Our three Feedsafe Accredited supplementation plants and multiple bulk vegetable oil storage sites provide GrainCorp Liquid Feeds with one of the most complete regional distribution systems. We consider ourselves pioneers in new product development and continuous improvement that will support our customers’ outcomes for better performance and returns.

The Sales, Logistics, and Admin team are empowered to make decisions ensuring that dealing with GrainCorp Liquid Feeds is a pleasure. Our team has strong experience in agriculture from farming to feed lotting. We have an in house nutritionist that can provide both pasture based and intensive feed advice depending on your circumstances.

GrainCorp Liquid Feeds works in close alliance with the Australian Lot Feeders Association (ALFA, Platinum Sponsor), and Australian Stock Feed Manufacturers Associations of which we are members. GrainCorp Liquid Feeds is also the first feed manufacturing business to receive Pasture Cattle Assurance System (PCAS) approval meaning you can have confidence in using our product when selling your livestock as pasture fed only.

Importantly as a customer or prospective customer you can be assured you are working with people who are proud of the quality of their products, and their ability in delivering them.