Grain/Feedlot Assist

Feedlotting cattle and sheep is an effective tool for producers to maximise the value of livestock and commodities. The objective of any feedlot is to feed a nutritionally balanced high-energy diet in a controlled environment to maximise weight gain and meet market specifications.

The Grain/Feedlot Assist Program is a complimentary service provided by GrainCorp Liquid Feeds (GLF) to support producers in achieving their production goals, with the purchase of one of our molasses based products from the Molafos Feedlot Concentrate range.  

GrainCorp Liquid Feeds have a highly experienced nutritionist who can work with producers (and our distributors) to prepare a feed ration formulation to use on farm.

How Grain/Feedlot Assist Works

1.  The customer provides GLF with the following information by completing the Customer Checklist form.

Available commodities to be used in the ration:

Livestock and Feedlot situation:

2.  For the most accurate formulation we require a nutritional analysis of the commodities in the ration. Please contact your local Molafos distributor or GLF sales manager about complimentary commodity analysis and testing.

The nutritional information required:

3.  Your GLF Sales Manager will coordinate with our nutritionist to formulate a feed ration to suit your requirements based on the information provided on the Customer Checklist and commodity analysis.

4.  GLF will provide support with advice on how to prepare and use the recommended formulation.

Molafos Feedlot Concentrate

This product is a molasses based liquid concentrate used to balance feed rations with protein, minerals, vitamins and medications (optional).  It is suitable for use with all mixer types and can be formulated into cattle and sheep feedlot rations.

GrainCorp Liquid Feeds have both standard Molafos Feedlot Concentrates and the capacity to tailor Feedlot Concentrates for customers. We also work with consultants who provide formulations to quote, mix and deliver.